about us


We believe that together we are a force! For over a year we've been planning and dreaming. Amy and Stef both own our own businesses and love working together. People ask if we always work together shooting weddings and our response is that we like to as much as possible. We decided to launch a business to unite photographers in a way that serves couples well with timeless wedding photos!


Our Charlotte Wedding Collective couples will enjoy the luxury of what over 12 years of combined wedding industry experience can do to transform a stressful situation into magic with a bat of a lash.  We know precisely how much time it should take to get the photos you love, when the best time to capture them is, and how to prepare you, your fiance, and your family so that you get to both enjoy time with them celebrating your marriage and have beautiful images to cherish for years to come.

Our team is not only extremely talented and passionate about our work, we are committed to giving our Charlotte Wedding Collective couples the easiest wedding photography experience they could ever imagine.  We have combined our talents in order to serve you well and to do so with distinction.  It is our pleasure to be your wedding photographers of choice.




Stefanie Morris

Stefanie is our resident ISTJ, the Master of Minutiae and the Lord of Logic.  Stefanie loves to work through problems and does so with ease, looking great in the process.  No one will work harder or longer to make your experience absolutely perfect.  

Drawing on her years of education in Historic Preservation & Community Planning and her fine Southern upbringing, Stefanie is able to easily sniff out the classic in any location or venue.  Her eye for detail and significance is unrivaled.

Like any good Southern girl, Stefanie has an affinity for family heirlooms, monograms, and a propensity for Southernisms. Personally Stefanie loves to spend her rare free time with her canine kiddo Hampton in one hand and a nice dark brew in the other!


Amy Kolodziej

Amy is our resident extrovert, ENFP. She is the go-to girl for getting things done! Amy is one of the most sincere and genuine people you will meet. She sees the best in everyone. No one will be a more dedicated advocate for your wedding day than Amy.

Originally from Maryland, Amy studied and worked in criminal law until her poor bleeding heart could bleed no longer. Escaping the rat-race of 9 to 5 life, Amy went full time as a wedding photographer and has yet to look back!

Amy moved to the South with her husband Will ten years ago and quickly fell in love with the southern culture.  Proud mom to her sweet southern gentleman William and sassy southern belle Lillian, Amy loves to spend her free time with the family.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller